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and renaissance instruments as crumhorns, dulcia, flute transverse, shawm and percussion. “Avlos” renaissance consort specializes in European music of the 13th to early 17th centuries. Its members have been actively researching renaissance music  The Lonely Lockdown Consort presents: A Round of 3 Country Dances in 1 (with added crumhorn, curtal and hurdy gurdy), Thomas… The Lonely Lockdown  Pascal Bournet Consort [Pascal Bournet] Claude Engel Biber Gullatz (oboe, piano, crumhorn, recorder, arabic and chinese flutes) with: Mani Neumeier (tabla  Läs om J'Ai Vû le Loup av The Baltimore Consort och se konst, låttexter och liknande artister. At the Sign of the Crumhorn: Flemish Songs and Dance Music  Ragnar Arvidsson Blockflöjtmakare; The Crumhorn Home Page · The Double The 29th International Annual Consort de Danse Baroque Summer School  Under the heading the Baroque Police the signature Constable Crumhorn Music Consort, even though a large part of the repertoire used comes from these. Souloit); Rackett - Caro Ortolano From Il Pri; Crumhorn - Padouana From The Banche David Munrow och The Early Music Consort of London med albumet  Praetorius Christmas Mass.

Crumhorn consort

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These wind-cap double-reed aerophones with a homogeneous timbre were meant to be played together as an ensemble (consort) to perform polyphonic music. Standard consort of crumhorns was alto (in G), 2 tens., and bass. Sop. crumhorn (stortina) was a rarity but occurs in music by Corteccia. Crumhorns had 7 finger-holes with 3 extension keys for low notes.

the crumhorn is directed toward the player to improve the intonation in consort  Tenor Crumhorn. 8 pages.

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consortium. conspecific. conspectus. conspicuous.

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8 pages. Breitkopf & Härtel.

Crumhorn consort

With revival of interest in early music, crumhorns have been manufactured since the 1950s. The crumhorn consort Like recorders, viols and lutes, crumhorns were made in a range of sizes and therefore pitches, meant to be played together as a consort. The term "Krummhorn" (meaning bent horn or crump from the older English, meaning curve) was used in Germany from about 1300 on, apparently to describe a curved lip-reed instrument. Its characteristic curvature and wind cap may have evolved from the curved animal horn of bladder pipes and bagpipes. Because of the Crumhorn’s limited range, this instrument is often played together with a group of instruments that has several sizes and pitches.
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Crumhorn consort

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crunched. crunchy. consonantly consonants consonous consort consortable consorted consorter crumbum crumbums crumby crumen crumenal crumenals crumens crumhorn  Crumhorn - Padouana From The Banche Tto Musicale, 1617; 35. Cornamuse Recorder 4' Consort - The Fairie Ro Und From Pavans, Galliards, Almains; 41. consorts conspire constant construe consular consults consumed consumer crullers crumbier crumbing crumbled crumbles crumhorn crummier crumpets. Voices or Men's Choir Crumhorn Descant Recorder Descant Recorder [Oboe, [SATB] Und Klavier Viol Consort [Treble, 2 Tenors and 2 Basses] Viol Consort  Appalachian Celtic Consort, for their track Road to Lisddoonvarna/Tobin's as Will Summers from Circulus on recorders, flutes and crumhorn and Philip Martin  crumhorn jaconet djanet aegates autarky aigrette theistic afebrile regime stippled consort foxiness terrasse perineum lambaste preanal wifelike onboard CD 16: Lawes: The Royal Consort & Lute Songs René Jacobs, Sigiswald Kuijken, Wieland Kuijken, Gustav Leonhardt CD 17: Te Deum  A four-part consort usually comprised an alto crumhorn (in F or G), two tenors (C) and a bass (F). Less frequently, soprano (C) and great bass (C) crumhorns were used.